Wooden Venetian Blinds

wood blins,mini blindsWooden blinds offer nature's rich, subtle and unique textures, bringing a luxurious elegance to any decor. They are the natural choice for warmth, durability and versatility and will introduce timeless beauty to any room whilst giving you complete light control.

Each collection offers a unique feature or functionality with many shade & grain style variations on offer. Wooden blinds can be manufactured with with ladder cord or decorative tape options depending on the collection you choose. .

The wood venetian blind slats are available in 25 mm, 35mm, 50mm and the colours have in Birch, White, Artic White, Light Oak, Cinnamon, Golden Oak, Pecan, Hickory, Walnut, Mahogany, Sugar Mapple, White and Dark Cedar. We supply them with colour co-ordinated headrails and ladder strings. Matching colour tapes are available as an option.

The wood blinds we sell are made from 100% natural wood and that is why colour variations might occur in accordance with the type of timber used or from one production batch to another. That is why the recommendable action would be for customer to place the order as soon as possible after receiving samples of slats in the post.

Please note that the blinds industry is different from other wood processing industries in terms of timbers used. For example, highly different from the flooring industry where a flooring named "Walnut" will be made out of the actual walnut timber, the blinds industry uses mostly basswood timber and then stains or paints the slats to resemble other wood species.

That is why if a customer seeks to match a wooden blind to their flooring, it is advisable to first order samples to ensure a perfect match. Should a blind be made of the actual timber, the name of that product will include the word "real" eg. "Real Walnut".

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