Skylight Louver System

Skylight shadesSkylight louvers designed for zero solar heat gain by shutting out light. Easily managed by the buildings environmental control system, this product solves many light infusion issues.

This skylight sun control system is a non retractable louver system that can be mounted on any plane of any angle, curved conditions and unusual shape window configurations.

These precision systems are designed to perform with maximum efficiency. The tilted angle is from 0-90 degrees angling from fully open to fully closed. skylight sun louver systems are ideal for angled, pitched or irregular shapes such as trapezoids and circles. Museums and galleries often require very specific light control. skylight louvers allow 110 degrees of rotational control from blackout to fully open.

Skylight louver often allow limited accessibility and require solutions which are very reliable and require little need for maintenance or repair.
Key Features
  • The Skylight shade system is flexible in application and can be used both internally and externally on all orientations, angles and glazing shapes
  • The sun louver system is available with a variety of different slats, including flexible, rolled-edge, and extruded aluminum slats, as well as wooden slats
  • Available interlocking louvers with brushes, along with perimeter baffles, provide nearly total blackout, with adjustability to allow daylighting as needed
  • Full motorization and advanced control options available including sun tracking control system
  • hall etc
  sun louver

The skylight louver system is extremely flexible and can be used on all types of glazing – horizontal, vertical or inclined. The rack arms can also be curved to enable the system to be installed inside a barrel vault. Furthermore, the system can be designed to fit almost any shape of glazing – rectangular, triangular, trapezoidal and circular. There are no other shading systems that can provide this degree of flexibility.

The sun louver system is available with a variety of different slats. The standard options comprise:

·Single layer aluminimum blind, width of slat is  88mm,different colour for your choose;
·Skylight sun louver system can be used for slanting、round、 triangle 、trapezoid shape and kinds of irregular shapes etc;
·Use tubular motor to drive,adjust angle of blind with sunshine shoot to collect light and cover;
·Horizontal、slanting and vetical install;
·Control methods: Wireless、Wind、Rain、light;
·Suitable for sunlight house、garden house、stadium 、interior and exterior。
Assembled rack arms
Brackets to fix the rack arms to the structure
Drive shaft which connects the rack arms and, when rotated, opens and closes the slats
Gearbox or motor to drive the system



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