ME3100 Drapery Motors

drapery motors Drapery motor system use for forthright and camber window covering,open the curtain by remote ,switch or smarthome system to enjoy the convience from the automation。

Broad and bright french windows with elegant curtain motor system,we can control the curtain just by your finger,sunshine permeating makes life beautiful and fantastic.

Drapery motor system is widely used in house and hotels, and it can use for Skylight Blind system
Key Features
  • Drapery motor system easy to intall , noise is very low
  • Need to pre-set the position at where you want the motor to stop automatically(Need to preset where the curtain stop after installed curtain)
  • Can not push the curtain when no electricity
  • It transmission with belt, used for straight and curve curtains
  • The electrical curtain system load : 15-45kg
  • Track length:maximum 8m
  • Control quomodo : wireless control,infrared control and switch control, can control altogether.
  • Suitable for home, hotel,office,meeting room and villa etc.
Motor parameter
  • Rated voltage : 230V/50Hz, 120V/60Hz
  • Rated power : 45W
  • Insulation class : E
  • Protection index : IP41
  • Torque : 1.2Nm
  • Rotate speed : 88.6rpm
  • Line speed : 0.12m/s

System Description

motorized drapery

motorized window coverings

drapery window treatments