ME3200 Curtain Motors

Curtain motor is mainly used for horizontal ourtain,which is widely used in hotel rooms ,office and flat. Motorized curtains are not only part of the decoration they bring your home to life.

With curtain motor solutions,you have the freedom to create the right ambience with just a simple touch of the remote control.

Electric curtain motor solutions are equipped with the latest innovation- a belt driven system,whose smooth and quiet operation ensures that your customers enjoy complete peace of mind.
Key Features
  • The motor quiet design, electric curtain track system easy to intall,singel motor system load : 10-50kg.
  • The curtain motor is endowed with built-in radio receiver, achieve wireless remote control function,drapes can be controlled separately or in a group system.
  • Bulit-in radio receiver,the curtains can be controlled separately or in a group system.
  • Light touch-start function: if use hand to pull the curtain lightly,the curtain will run automatically and stop until fully opened or fully closed.
  • Power off-manual function: when the power is off, you can pull the curtain to open or close by hand.
  • Motorized drape system uses the high strong steel belt, it with anti-aging and acid-resistance function.
  • Can be make into the straight and bend shape, the maximal width of one motor system is 6m.
  • Use for the hotel,office,flat,meet room.

System Description

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